Whats all the noise about?


My name is CJ Woodley and I am the sole owner and operator of Woodley Audio; a location sound and post-production company based in Toronto, Ontario.

Throughout my career I have worked on various union, commercial, corporate and independent productions in the sound department. You can view some of my credit history on my IMDb page.

I strive to give my clients the highest audio recording quality possible. This is achievable with the knowledge that I have acquired through years of learning about audio... and it is a never ending cycle of adapting and figuring out new ways to do a job.



Location Sound Mixing & Boom Operating

Post-Production Audio
     - Sound Design
     - Dialogue & Sound Editing
     - Sound Mixing

Music Recording and Mixing

Gear Rental (see gear list)

Please contact for rates.



Sound Devices 788 (With CL8 & CL9)
(12 track Recorder - 8 ISO, Stereo Mix, 2 AUX)
Sound Devices 633

(10 track Recorder - 6 ISO, Stereo Mix, 2 Aux)

DPA 4017b Shotgun Mic
Neumann KMR 81i Shotgun Mic

Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun Mic
Sennheiser MKH-50 Super-Cardioid Mic
Sennheiser MKH-30 Figure 8 Mic
AKG SE300 Blueline (Hyper-cardioid and Omni Capsules)
Cinela MS Windshield Kit
Rycote Windshield WS 2 Kit
Rycote Windshield Kit 4
Rycote Invision 7

Lectrosonics Wireless System
  - Lectrosonics SRc Duel Receiver (x2)
  - Lectrosonics SRb Duel Receiver (x1) 
  - Lectrosonics 411a Receiver (x4)
  - Lectrosonics UCR 210D Receiver (x2)
  - Lectrosonics SMQV Transmitter (x4)
  - Lectrosonics SMv Transmitter (x2)
  - Lectrosonics LT Transmitter (x2)
Sennheiser G3 Wireless System (x1)
Sennheiser IEM 300 System (x6)
DPA 4061 Lavalier Mic (x11)
Sanken COS-11 Lavalier Mic (x1)
Sennheiser ME-2 Lavalier Mic (x1)
Lectrosonics SNA600a Antenna Distribution

Denecke Slate
Denecke Sync Box (x3)
17" Ambient Boom Pole
13" vdB Boom Pole
9" Travel Boom Pole


6-Core Intel Hackintosh/Windows Desktop

Digidesign Command 8 Control Surface

Pro Tools 10 HD
Logic Pro X DAW
Izotope RX Audio Restoration
3rd Party Plugs & Virtual Instruments
(Native Instruments, Waves, Sound Toys, etc)

Axiom m3 v3 Monitors
Bose 301 Series II Monitors
Yamaha NS10 Monitors

Universal Audio Apollo 8 Quad Interface
Presonus Firestudio Mobile Interface

API 5008B Power Supply
  - Warm Audio TB12 500 Pre-Amplifier
  - Moog 500 Series Ladder Filter
Golden Age Pre-73 MKII Pre-Amplifier

Blue Bluebird Cardioid Mic

Shure SM7B
Shure Beta 52a Dynamic Mic
Blue enCore Dynamic Mic
Shure SM58 Dynamic Mic x3
Sennheiser MD421 Cardioid Mic























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